PFAN Tokens available for purchase on JelloSwap (Tutorial Below)

Hello PowerFans!

For the first time, our PowerFan Token (PFAN) is available for pre-ICO sale to our creators and community (that’s you!)

The PFAN Token is initially available exclusively through

This is a great opportunity to get access to PFAN tokens before we are listed on a DEX like Uniswap and before we trade on an exchange like Coinbase.

Watch This Video Announcement on Our PFAN Token Launch

We are unlocking 10,000,000 PFAN Tokens to be released for an early sale on JelloSwap, months before the PFAN tokens features go live.

Soon creators and fans will be about to use the PFAN Token for purchasing NFTs, staking for access to a whole library of content, and much more.

Since the PFAN tokens are on the Ethereum blockchain, here’s a couple tutorials Albert made on how to purchase PFAN Tokens using your MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet on JelloSwap.

Tutorial on How to Purchase PFAN Tokens with Ethereum via MetaMask (Desktop)

Tutorial on How to Purchase PFAN Tokens with Ethereum via MetaMask (Mobile)

If you have any questions about the tokens, please let us know, and we will get in touch with you soon.

And remember, creators and fans: You Have The Power Now!

-The PowerFan Team

PowerFan Basics — Creators & Fans: You Have The Power Now!

Are you an author, content creator, or influencer that’s looking to take advantage of NFTs and blockchain technology? If so, meet PowerFan, where it’s our mission to support content creators and fans to connect and conduct commerce in valuable new ways.

To do this, we use NFTs or non-fungible tokens, which are really digital assets that allow you to give your fans, your audience, your clients, a real sense of equity and ownership in your brand, in your business, with your book, come join us at PowerFan to start creating today, and when you register an account, we’ll give you 100 free PFAN tokens to start your creative journey with us.

And our team is standing by to support you through the entire process of coming up with ideas for NFTs, minting, marketing, and selling them directly to your audience. You can start today. So come join us at PowerFan to start creating and remember, creators and fans, you have the power now.

PowerFan Basics — How Can Creators Benefit from NFTs?

How can creators benefit from NFT technology? If you have an audience and you create content, NFTs or non-fungible tokens, which operate on the blockchain, are a way to create digital assets that give your fans, your clients, your customers, and your audience, a real sense of equity and ownership in your business and in your brand.

This can take the form of exclusive content that’s only available to people that hold a certain NFT. It could even allow a 1-on-1 consultation or allow access to an event or a group coaching. However you deliver content, however you engage with your clients, can now have applications with NFTs and on the blockchain, that in a sense are really an evolution for how you can be a leader like you already are by taking advantage of new technology and getting ahead of a wave that we believe at PowerFan will end up changing much in creativity, commerce, and possibly even finance and society. So that’s a little bit about how creators can use NFT technology and at PowerFan, we exist to support people just like you. So if you create an account and begin creating, we’ll give you 100 free PFAN tokens, which is the currency that works on the PowerFan platform.

And we’ll even help you walk through step-by-step creating, marketing and selling your own NFTs and digital assets. So come join us at PowerFan to start creating today and remember, creators and fans: you have the power now.

PowerFan Basics — How Can Authors Benefit From NFTs?

How can authors take advantage of NFTs and blockchain technology? Perhaps you’ve heard of NFTs or non fungible tokens. They’re all the rage in certain art circles and with video games, but they also have applications for content creators and experts like you. And at PowerFan, we work to support authors to create digital assets or NFTs based on your content that specifically serves your audience and your readers.

Perhaps giving them new experiences that they would absolutely love and doing it all in a way where you get paid directly, securely, and your content is protected. One of the ideas that we’ve seen get a lot of traction with authors is having an exclusive edition of your book as an NFT.

So perhaps a limited edition, maybe only 100 copies, but this also unlocks an online training course or perhaps unlocks access to a group coaching program, or maybe even a 1-on-1 call with you. You can bundle all of these things up and make it one offer as an NFT and that itself can be bought and sold amongst your fans generating a revenue that flows straight back to your wallet with each transaction.

These are some of the possibilities that exist for authors with NFT technology and at PowerFan, we are here to support you to create, market and sell your author NFTs. Come create an account at PowerFan, and we’ll give you 100 PFAN tokens to start your creator journey. And our team is even available to help you step-by-step set up your account, create, and market and sell your NFTs. So we’ll see you at PowerFan and remember authors and fans, you have the power now.

PowerFan Basics — What are NFTs?

You’ve probably seen a lot about NFTs or non-fungible tokens in the news if you follow any of the sites that cover blockchain technology and crypto. And perhaps you’ve been curious on what’s behind these things, like a $69 million sale of a piece of art as an NFT or NBA Top Shot that has certain highlights from games and certain players that you can buy their digital cards.

Well, non-fungible tokens or NFTs are digital assets that exist on the blockchain as a secure way to both store and transmit value, meaning people can buy and sell them and you can see a record of custody from when it’s been created to the present time, as well as a transaction history and see how an asset has gone up or down in value over time.

And while many companies are focusing on art and using NFTs to sell digital art of some kind or a video game where NFTs are a player that’s ascended to certain levels or a certain asset or tool that you can use within the game. These are most of the NFT operating companies out there today. But what we do at PowerFan is a little bit different in the sense that we focus on authors, content creators, experts, influencers, people who have an audience, and that regularly engage, train, speak to, interact with, coach other people. And we are seeking to be the leader in value added NFTs. So working with these creators to create unique digital assets and experiences that their fans, their audience, will really love and get value from, but that also creates ongoing revenues and royalty streams, and ways to earn money in new ways with your existing content. We’re really passionate about this at PowerFan, and we see an opportunity to be the leader in value-added NFTs and digital assets.

If that sounds interesting to you, come to, learn more and register an account to start creating today. Thanks and remember, creators and fans: you have the power now.

Part 5 & 6: NFTs for Events, Ticket Sales & Unlockable Content

From Tom Morkes interview with Jesse Krieger, the Chief Content Officer of and founder of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press.

Tom Morkes: Any other examples of things that, or ways that people are packaging or selling NFTs right now? Anything for content creators? Authors? People with online businesses to start thinking about?

Jesse Krieger: I’ll tell you what, we’re really looking at events.

Now that events are coming back online, there’s definitely an appetite right now for getting together in person. So you could sell tickets to an event as an NFT. On a larger scale, it prevents all kinds of scalpers and bots from controlling the ticket supply. But from a tech perspective, you could buy a ticket to an event attended physically or virtually. But [even] after the event, your NFT [could give] you access to all of the recordings and all of the content of the event, [and] perhaps some bonuses too.

[And] if the event goes crazy good. And maybe [someone like a] Tony Robbins is a surprise guest speaker, that’s an example of intrinsic value of each of those NFT tickets increasing.

If it’s [just] a ticket, [and] you show up and in this example, Tony Robbins is there and you can’t believe it, and it’s an intimate gathering and you can’t believe you had that experience [either], but then you’d go home. Tell your friends post on social. If you had an NFT ticket and then that happened.

[If] somebody who wasn’t at the event is like, “Oh my God, I got to know what happened.” Well, you’ve got to buy the NFT from somebody who was there.

Tom Morkes: If an NFT has been minted, can [you] add more to it?

Jesse Krieger: Interestingly you can. There’s something called “unlockable content” as we’re minting the NFT. And I can show you that. You could put a link in there. And so if you’re directing to a site, you could dynamically update the site and that would be a way [to add or change the content], but you can’t alter the composition of the NFT itself once it’s done.

But where it’s pointing to or what it’s unlocking, you could update that repository.

(Watch the full interview here)

Part 4: NFT Books With Bonuses

From Tom Morkes interview with Jesse Krieger, the Chief Content Officer of and founder of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press.

Tom Morkes: What are things that we can sell as NFTs?

Jesse Krieger: Let’s start with some things specific to your business because I’m pretty familiar with what you’re up to.

So you’ve got books. One option would be to have a limited edition NFT version of one of your books. As an example, you could do 100 NFTs, numbered from 1 to 100, just like a first print run, or a rare print of art. And so let’s say there’s 100 special edition NFTs for one of your books, but it’s not just the book.

[For] whoever holds [one of them], it could unlock a training course that you have, it could unlock anything digitally delivered from audio to video, to even access to a community. And the NFT [can function as] a key, the key that unlocks all of the bonus content and associated things that you get and own as the holder of this NFT.

So you could do a special edition book, roll it out, build a royalty [from it], include a lot of valuable training, maybe even an extra chapter or two. So it’s a unique version, but then if 100 people buy it initially, Now [the 101st person] is saying, well, I want that [too]. So they’ve got to buy it from one of the first 100 [holders] and thus begins this secondary market, hopefully a very vibrant one if [there is a demand for] people that want one of those 100 limited edition NFT versions of one of your books.

(Watch the full interview here)